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Idiot savant movie

idiot savant movie

The Idiot Savant trope as used in popular culture. Under virtually all circumstances, they seem to be so stupid and socially awkward that they likely have a. In the movie Forrest Gump (Paramount Pictures ), the term idiot savant is not used nor even implied. Forrest was depicted with a low IQ. For those who may not be familiar with Kim, he was the inspiration behind Dustin Hoffman's character in the.


Savant syndrome, Beautiful minds

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The lucky feather was his looks and resemblance to the famous actor. The movie showed Forrest as a man with the all the wisdom of a sage. Hyper-systemizing, hyper-attention to detail and sensory hypersensitivity". Notably, when he did discover that everyone even potatoes can die, he spent about 30 seconds thinking about it before giving Arthur a motivating speech that actually makes sense. Pervasive developmental disorders and autism spectrum F84 , In , Channel Five documentary challenged him to learn the language in a week. idiot savant movie

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